UAE Police Arrest 391 Afghan Fans and Impose Fine

UAE Police Arrest 391 Afghan Fans and Impose Fine

Asia Cup 2022: UAE Police Arrest 391 Afghan Fans and Impose Fine

Pakistan won the last over of the crucial Asia Cup 2022 Super Four encounter on Wednesday. The Afghan fans on the field could not readily accept a loss in the final over of PAK vs AFG match lost their cool and began to assault the Pakistani spectators on the field.  In total, 391 Afghan fans were arrested during this event; as a result of damage to the ground infrastructure, 97 spectators were evacuated. In addition, 117 supporters have been detained for assaulting opponents.

The local media of the United Arab Emirates said that the detainees will be severely punished. These supporters are subject to severe penalties, visa cancellations, and permanent bans from visiting the UAE.

Afghans were observed in Sharjah taking up gallery chairs and tossing them towards Pakistani guests. Such films soon circulated on social media. Where it is obvious that chairs thrown by Afghan spectators struck Pakistanis.

By beating Afghanistan by one wicket in that Super Four match, Pakistan qualified for the final. Afghanistan was verified in the same match. During the match, Pakistani batsman Asif Ali and Afghan bowler Farid Ahmed argued on the field.

Nonetheless, the ICC has sanctioned these two players. This time, the Afghan fans would be punished severely for violence and vandalism outside the playing field.



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