Stephen Fry is The New MCC President 2022

Stephen Fry is The New MCC President 2022

English Actor Stephen Fry is The New MCC President 2022

English actor Stephen Fry will be the new president of Marylebone Cricket Club MCC 2022, the governing body of cricket. He will assume this responsibility on October 1 2022.

Claire Connor became the first woman president of the MCC in its 234-year history. He announced the name of Stephen Fry as president before the end of his term. Stephen Fryke was elected president at the club’s annual general meeting in Lord’s on Wednesday (May 4).

Fry is very excited to be the president of MCC. He said, “I am proud to be nominated as the next president of MCC. I feel very honored. ”

Stephen Fry is basically an actor and comedian. He is also known as a writer, playwright and journalist. He was the second person to give a crowded lecture at MCC in 2021 without being involved in cricket. This time the responsibility of the president is in his hands.

Stephen Fry, a staunch supporter of cricket, became a member of the MCC in 2011. A decade later, he is taking over the responsibility of the cricket law-making body.

Incumbent President Claire Kenner said in a statement that “I am proud to announce his successor. He is a staunch supporter of cricket. He has a deep love for cricket. Hopefully, he will become a worthy MCC representative. ”



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