Ramiz Raja Salary as PCB Chairman is Zero

Ramiz Raja Salary as PCB Chairman is Zero

Ramiz Raja Salary as PCB Chairman is Zero

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja said his salary is zero and he did not take any unnecessary advantage. Other PCB officials, including Ramiz Raja, sat down with the Standing Committee on Sports of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Where Ramiz Raja is asked how much money he has taken since taking charge for his work. “My salary as PCB chairman is zero,” says Ramiz during an interview.

‘I have not taken any unnecessary advantage as chairman. I have no entertainment allowance. I have spent only two and a half lakh rupees for the official tour.

The former Pakistan captain said that he took this responsibility only for the good of Pakistan cricket.

‘I came here to promote cricket. Here I did not take my wife on any official tour. I did not give any benefit to any of my relatives. My family did not want me to be the PCB chairman. They knew the PCB chairman would get nothing, only criticism.

According to sources, Ramiz Raja was also questioned about the team’s performance, international teams touring Pakistan, and the Pakistan Super League (PSL).



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