Ramiz Raja Jr accuses Waqar Younis of Racism

Ramiz Raja Jr accuses Waqar Younis of Racism

Ramiz Raja Jr accuses Waqar Younis of Racism

Waqar Younis is one of the best fast bowlers in the history of Pakistan. At the end of his cricket career, he also had the experience of coaching the Pakistan team. Lately, his work at that time has been severely criticized. This time Ramiz Raja Jr who played two T20s for Pakistan accuses Waqar Younis of Racism.

Ramiz Raja Jr was called up to the Pakistan team in 2011. He said Waqar Younis misbehaved with Ramiz Raja, who played two ODIs against Zimbabwe for Pakistan at the time, due to regionalism. Ramiz Raja from Pakistan’s Punjab province was asked to learn Punjabi if he wanted to play in the national team. He also complained that he was not given the opportunity to practice with the cricketer of his choice.

In this regard, Ramiz Raja Jr said, “I wanted to go to practice with Sohail Bhai (Sohail Khan). Waqar Younis told me it was not the Karachi team. ” Note that Ramiz Raja Jr played in Karachi of Pakistan domestic league. Ramiz wanted a chance to practice with his teammate Sohail Khan. However, Waqar Younis did not give that opportunity.

Ramiz also alleged that in the team meeting, he used the Punjabi language of his region instead of Urdu to facilitate the understanding of everyone in the team. That’s why he said he could understand Waqar Younis.

During that tour against Zimbabwe, Ramiz Raja thought of returning to the national team as soon as possible due to Waqar’s misuse. “I wanted to return to the country as soon as possible,” he said. I couldn’t stand his use. ”

A few days ago, two former Pakistan cricketers, Umar Akmal and Ahmed Shehzad, opened a barrage of allegations against Waqar. The two cricketers also complained about Waqar’s arbitrariness.



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