PSL 2025 and IPL 2025 will be Held At Same Time

PSL 2025 and IPL 2025 will be Held At Same Time

PSL 2025 and IPL 2025 will be Held At Same Time

The Pakistan Super League typically takes place at the start of the calendar year. Indian Premier Leagues games are played from March to May. But in the 2025, these two T20 leagues IPL and PSL will be held at the same time. The busy schedule Pakistan Cricket FTP for the 2024–25 season is the primary cause of this.

PSL often takes place in January or February. Additionally, the ICC Champions Trophy will be played in Pakistan in February 2025, according the organization’s travel programmed for the future. Since the World Cup in 1996, Pakistan hasn’t hosted an ICC competition. Due to security concerns, no ICC competition was staged in Pakistan during the preceding three upcoming visits.

By winning this year’s FTP, the Pakistan Cricket Board hopes to effectively arrange the Champions Trophy. The PSL event earlier in the year must thus be cancelled by the PCB. PSL will be held at a favorable time between March and May, according to PCB. Moreover, the IPL runs from March through May.

Several elite teams have visited Pakistan over the previous three years despite security concerns. The number of premier teams visiting Pakistan would rise, according the 2019 FTP. Pakistan will currently host 13 Tests, 26 ODIs, and 27 Twenty20 games. In addition, Babar-Rizwan travelled outside of the nation.

Due to the hectic schedule, the tournament will not be contested in 2026 at the scheduled time in addition to the PSL schedule being moved in 2025. From 2027, PSL can resume its regular schedule.

Faisal Hasnain, Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan Cricket Board, commented on Pakistan’s busy calendar, saying, “In order to fix Pakistan’s hectic schedule in the FTP 2023-2027 cycle, we have given attention to the quality of play and managing the pressure of the players to play matches.”

In order for all three versions to run usefully concurrently, we are attempting to strike a balance between them. The tour of Pakistan by teams like England, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, and Bangladesh would no doubt please our supporters.


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