MS Dhoni Knee Treatment Costs Only 40 Rupees

MS Dhoni Knee Treatment Costs Only 40 Rupees

MS Dhoni Knee Treatment Costs Only 40 Rupees

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni suffering from knee pain for several days. Many physicians have also shown however, there was no cure. The doctor took a fee of Rs 20 from Dhoni and another Rs 20 for medicine, in all, MS Dhoni knee treatment costs 40 rupees. The former India captain is very happy that he got treatment.

If a player fell ill or got injured in his life, Namidami would start the treatment of the doctor in a moment. However, at the end of the playing life, that honor is no more. Yet he is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Captain Cool of India.

If you are sick, you will see a big doctor, you will also give treatment. He has seen many doctors for knee pain. In the end, he listened to his parents to an Ayurvedic doctor in Ajparagaon. Residents, 60 km from the city, Bandhan Singh Kharbar is an Ayurvedic doctor located 60 km from Ranchi city. Dhoni’s parents benefited from his knee treatment. He also eventually went to this doctor.

Bandhan Singh, who gave Dhoni medical advice, said, “I have charged him Rs 20 for counseling and Rs 20 for medicine. When Dhoni came, I did not recognize him at first. I also treated Dhoni’s parents. They have been taking my medicine for three months. ‘



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