First Couple Umpire in Professional Cricket

First Couple Umpire in Professional Cricket

Pakistani Husband and Wife to Become First Couple Umpire in Professional Cricket

Pakistani umpire couple Naeem Ashraf and Jasmine Naeem recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. The Pakistani husband and wife are set to become the first couple to umpire in professional cricket in England.

Ashraf and Jasmine have been umpiring for a long time. Jasmine was one of five umpires in the recently concluded women’s Tests in South Africa and England. She also became the first Muslim woman to officiate at Lord’s in 2021.

But this time they are in front of a new history. Ashraf and Jasmine will be the first couple to umpire in the Rachel Heiho Flint Trophy, England’s one-day domestic cricket tournament on Saturday (July 2). History will be made only if the two stand in the place of the umpire in the match of Lightning and Western Storm. Three sons Shajaib, Umair and Zaheer will be present on the field on Saturday to support them.

The Pakistani couple recently shared their feelings with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) after making history. They are honored to have such an opportunity.

“We umpired together in the Lancashire and Greater Manchester leagues and no one understood that we were husband and wife,” said Jasmine. We are honored to have this opportunity on such a big stage. ”

If you work hard, success will come, you just have to try. He also said that they are ready to make history. “We did a lot, but we were always looking for the next challenge. (For Saturday) We’re ready, whatever it is. Umpiring is a great opportunity for everyone. If you are thinking of building a career here and you are ready to work hard, it will pay off. Keep trying for this, ”said Ashraf.

Jasmine believes that many more girls will be interested in cricket after seeing her. “It’s not just a path for me,” he said. It’s also a matter of girls coming forward and getting involved with the game. If I can inspire girls and boys to play cricket, I think I have done a good job. ”

Ashraf played two ODIs for Pakistan in 1995. But his career has come to a halt due to multiple injuries. After that they started umpiring together with his wife. This time they are going to make history.



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