FIFA to use New Technology for Offside Calls at World Cup 2022

FIFA to use New Technology for Offside Calls at World Cup 2022

FIFA to use New Semi-Automated Offside Technology at World Cup 2022

Football’s top governing body said in a statement that semi-automated offside technology would be used to avoid controversy over the offside and to maintain the normal rhythm of the match in FIFA World Cup 2022. And that will start from the World Cup in Qatar. FIFA said the technology would make the right decision quickly.

At one time there was no offside rule in the football world. But instead it came. But the only reliance on offside catch was the linesman. But there was growing controversy over various decisions. Over time, that is likely to change. The use of Video Assistant Referring System (VAR) has been going on for several years.

Yet the controversy is not going to be avoided. Many decisions are creating controversy. Also it is subject to a lot of time. The normal pace of the match is being hampered. And to avoid that, FIFA has announced to bring more new technology this time.

There will be cameras around the field, and chips will be placed in the ball. Much like a tracking system. It can be easily caught offside. It is expected that time will not be wasted in the match due to the fast pace. The normal rhythm of football can also be maintained.

This technology has been used for testing in two tournaments. The technology was used in two tournaments held in the last seven months. This time it will be used in the World Cup in Qatar. The event will start on November 21 this year and will end on December 16.



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