FIFA Lifts Ban on Pakistan Football Federation

FIFA Lifts Ban on Pakistan Football Federation

FIFA Lifts Ban on Pakistan Football Federation 

FIFA lifts the ban on Pakistan football federation. The Bureau of the FIFA Council has officially confirmed the matter. Originally FIFA’s condition was met, the ban was lifted.

In April last year, Pakistan’s highest governing body banned all forms of international football. The ban was originally imposed on the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) in defiance of a third party, namely government intervention and a FIFA-appointed committee.

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has been unseated from its suspension by FIFA, which was brought about by excessive outside intervention. In March of last year, a team of officials headed by Ashfaq Hussain Shah assumed control of the PFF’s headquarters despite not being recognised by FIFA and having been chosen by the Supreme Court to lead the organisation in 2018.

FIFA formed a ‘normalization committee’ after the government intervened in the PFF. However, the committee disregarded them and expelled them, the then president of PFF Ashfaq Hossain. And FIFA is angry at this. Resulting in a ban.

However, after more than a year, FIFA lifts the suspension from Pakistan. The ‘normalization committee’ originally set up by FIFA has re-assumed responsibility. The ban has been lifted as he has gained control of the overall situation. If it is breached again, the PFF will have to face sanctions again. However, for now, there is no obstacle for Pakistan to return to international football.



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