CPL 2022 Start Date Announced

CPL 2022 Start Date Announced

CPL 2022 Start Date Announced 

The Caribbean Board has ticked the start date of the CPL 2022. Before that, the new cricket tournament six will be held on the field. According to the West Indies Cricket Board, the franchise-based league CPL 2022 will start on 30 August and end on 30 September.

CPL will be screened on August 30 and the final will be screened on September 30. This year’s CPL will start in St. Kitts and end with St. Lucia, Trinidad and Guyana. Defending champions St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots will take to the field on the opening day. The current champions will face Jamaica Tallawas.

The women’s CPLO will start with the start of the men’s CPL. The Caribbean girls will play in three franchises, the CPL. Foreign women cricketers will also be with. Before the start of the CPL, however, the franchises will enter the field in a new tournament called Sixty.

The Caribbeans are the peddlers of T20 cricket. Cricket ODIs, which started with Tests, ended with T20s. Those Caribbeans are starting another short format tournament called Sixty. In this tournament, if you hit sixes in the first two overs of the innings, you will get an extra one over power play.

One end will be drawn in 5 overs. The innings will end as soon as 8 wickets fall. The West Indies Cricket Board has come up with a new tournament with more rules. Where the CPL teams will play. The Windies are world famous for short format cricket. The two-time T20 champions are market cricket peddlers. Those Caribbeans brought new tournaments in short format. The 60-ball tournament has been named Sixty.

If a team does not finish fielding within the stipulated time, they will have to play with less than one fielder in an over. An innings of a 60-ball match requires 45 overs. One bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs. Each match will be in 10 overs.

The Caribbean Board will hold the tournament from August 14 to 26. All games of the tournament at Warner Park in St. Kitts and Nevis. The Caribbean seems to be adapting quickly to the new format of cricket. This time the short format may soon be known.

The Caribbean Board has named batting giant Chris Gayle as its ambassador for the Sixty Tournament. Sixty is also a game of 60 balls like T-10. However, there are 6 wickets in this tournament in different formats. Plower play is in 2 overs. However, if you can hit a six in the first two overs, you will get an extra one in 9 to 10 overs as a power play.



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