Bangladesh Premier League – BPL New Logo 2023

Bangladesh Premier League - BPL New Logo 2023

BCB Unveils Bangladesh Premier League – BPL New Logo 2023

BPL and controversy are like each other’s companions as about a month and a half left to build the ninth season. But before that, the country’s only franchise T20 tournament is controversial in various cases. BPL faces a lot of criticism after unveiling the new logo for the Bangladesh Premier League 2023.

However, clarification has been given from the BPL Governing Council. The ninth season of BPL will be played in the first week of January. With that in mind, the players’ draft was held on November 23 at La Meridien Hotel in the capital. The new logo was also unveiled on the same day.

A few days ago, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) posted on their own page through social media. Later, the audience was asked for votes in a different post with pictures of four selected logos.

But the question arises about the quality of four logos. A logo of a professional organization like BCB being so mediocre has led to negative discussions. The quality of the final logo that was unveiled today also did not attract many viewers. But the BPL governing council says the logo was created by designers working with the ICC and other major franchises.

In this regard, member secretary of BPL Governing Council Ismail Haider Mallik said to journalists after the draft.

“Our logo in BPL is new, starting from the ninth season. We are the media, the audience… we can be contacted in all the places including our Facebook page, Twitter… the audience had a demand for us to create a logo that is up-to-date. In light of that, first we take logos from some designing houses.”

Not that we like them too much.. still we take from some international agencies. Those whose logo is selected design logos for international events, other clubs, franchises, including the ICC. We like this logo, we have selected it after getting quite a good response.’

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