Babar Azam Reacts Main Kaptaan Hoon After Review was Taken by Rizwan

Babar Azam Reacts Main Kaptaan Hoon After Review was Taken by Rizwan

Asia Cup 2022: Babar Azam Reacts Main Kaptaan Hoon After Review was Taken by Rizwan

During the last match of Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 stage between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Babar Azam reacts and said I am the Captain “Main Kaptaan Hoon” as Rizwan signals for the DRS Review. The On-filed umpire goes for the Review without consulting the Pakistan Skipper. Babar Azam reminds his team fellows Captain Main Hoon the video goes viral.

The fielding team follows the captain’s instructions. In addition to the captain, members of the team’s leadership group may contribute to modifying the bowlers’ fielding configuration. However, only the captain has the authority to contest an umpire’s ruling. Pakistan’s leader Babar Azam lost his fury when he was unable to use this prerogative.

There are hardly many instances of Babar Azam losing his anger throughout his career. However, he was rather disappointed with the umpire in the Asia Cup Super Four match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The event occurred during Sri Lanka’s sixteenth over of their innings. Sri Lanka just needs 19 runs from 30 balls, and they have 6 wickets in hand. Hasan Ali stated that the Sri Lankan batters were unable of playing effectively. The ball entered Mohammad Rizwan’s goalkeeper gloves.

Rizwan requested a catch, but the on-field umpire denied his request for good cause. Pakistani players believed the ball to have struck the bat. When it is uncertain if Babar Azam would consider the review, the umpire signals for the review without listening to Babar.

Babar Azam did not like it. Babar addressed the umpire with “Kaptan Mai Hoo” (I am the captain) when he requested a review without waiting for the umpire’s judgement.

Initially, Rizwan instructed Babar to request a review, assuming that the Pakistan captain would want a review. In this instance, Babar’s image got popular on the Internet. Everyone is enjoying this photograph.



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